Best Selling Magic Toys & Games



Magic Sets

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set
Melissa and Doug Discovery Magic Set
Collapsible Magic Hat - Magic Set
Merlin's Magic Hat Set
My First Magic Set
Gross Magic Kit
Melissa and Doug Enchanted Rings 'n' Things
Deluxe 100 Trick Magic Suitcase w/ DVD
Cadaco's Spectacular Magic Show Set w/ DVD
Marvin's Magic Box of Tricks - 125 Trick Set
Toysmith Professional Magician Kit
Legends of Magic DVD Set
My First Magic Hat
Deluxe Magicians Magic Hat with Tricks
Instant Magic 100-Trick Set
Extreme Magic Set - 200 Tricks with DVD
Street Magic Set - 150 Tricks


Deluxe Magician Costume Set
Jr Magician w/ Magic Top Hat Child Costume
Toddler Mini Magic Magician Costume
Bratz Magic Genie Deluxe Child Halloween Costume
7 Days of the Week Stylish Mustache Set
Magic Wands (8)
Harry Potter Wand with light and sound
Bendable Party Mustache
Megabrow Eyebrows Set
Long Silk Chiffon Scarf - White
Black Felt Top Hap
Silver and Sequins, Top Hat
Facial Hair Kit

Magic Tricks and Toys

World's Best Juggling Ball Set
Magic Electronic Wand
The Magic Stick - Easy Magic Trick w/ Manual
Wizard Wand with Sound and Light Tip
The Magic Pencil - Easy Magic Trick w/ Manual
The Perfect Three Shell Game - Magic Trick
Penny to Dime Trick
Juggling Bean Bag Set Economy
Spirit Club Set
The Peanut Butter & Jelly Illusion - Magic Trick
Balloon To Rabbit Box - Magic Trick
Cut and Restored Rope Magic Trick
Untouchable 3D Hologram Chamber

Pranks and Gags

Joke's on You - 12 Prank Kit
Joke Light Bulb
Package ofF 144 Plastic Picnic Ants
Doggie Done It
Rubber Mouse (Lifelike)
Super Fart Spray
Auto Inflate Whoopee Cushion
Shocking Pen Deluxe Edition
Snake Nut Can
Hand Buzzer
Remote Controlled Rat
Remote Control Fart Box!
Insta Poop
Voice Transformer
Itching Powder
Parking Tickets Pack
Exploding Pen
Fake Foam Brick!
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